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Lunar Festival 2020

An Icy wind has blown in from the North! Monsters are freezing around Rune-Midgarts and the inhabitants need your help to deal with this cold snap!

January 22nd - February 12th, 2020

Collect Bottled Lightning for your chance to get some cool stuff from Huugin. 




Not sure how to get the Bottled Lighting?  Do not worry we have a story to tell that will give you all the information you need. 



The Tale of the Lunar Festival

Our story begins before a beautiful young Midgardian named Gale.  Follow her story and it may shed a little light on this sudden winter snap.  




Her tale catapults you into a new adventure through the lands of Rune-Midgard.



The winds have indeed changed.  If you have decided to continue this quest.  You may find yourself before this strange little creature hiding in the brush. 



From here you will need to find the Fallen Chonchon Brothers.  Don't worry, they are close. 


Once you have completed your task you then find yourself before Norori! A strangely familiar face!


He will be impatiently waiting for you with his own messages of warning. 

After delivering the Wind of Verdure to Norori you will next go on a gardening expedition to investigate a Mysterious Plant to the north.  

His findings will next take you on a trek to yet another location in East Mt. Mjoinir.  Where another familiar figure greets you, Austri.  


 Austri will enlighten you about the sad tale of Baldur.   



Now that a light appears to be shining on the cause of the cold snap your adventures continues to Suori


Suori will be happy to impart his knowledge upon a wayward adventurer.  He has a  headful warning for you to deliver to Shini. 


With the Lunar Festival in danger it is now up to you to warn Shini, and try to save the Lunar Festival. 


She may be a little star struck, but who wouldn't be.  It's Thor the God of Thunder.  It is clear that the Lunar Festival must be saved from the Trickster, and who better to help than the Trickster's own brother.  


 That's right!  It's the all mighty Thor come to grace Rune-Midgarts with his presence.  Thus begins your journey to find and convince the Trickster to stop his antics, but first you must save the people from this bitiing cold.  Your first stop is to help Lali. 


Collect firewood to bring a little heat to these lands. 

After helping Lali she will have a clue as to the location of the Trickster!  But don't forget to check back to Lali.  She will have a collection of daily quests for your chance to collect even more Bottled Lightning.  

But first, the adventure continues.  You must return to Thor to report on your findings.  Thor will tell his tale and soon you will find yourself off to Izlude to meet Heroi. 


He will share an strange tale about water elementals and a boy who needs saving.  Follow his lead and save a young boy in trouble. 


After saving him from some Water Elementals he will have some strange and funny Stories to impart. 

Something is up, yet you are directed to the next location, Cyri


It's time to talk to the "Little Boy" yet again.  Though he is looking a little different. 


Seems monsters are causing the "Little Boy" some issues.  

Help the boy escape the shadows in the quest "Chasing my Shadow."  Then continue your trek to the lovely Nawti. 


A lot of familiar faces popping up.  Once again you find yourself before the Little Boy, but he seems to have changed once again.  Help the young boy. 


After your task you will find your next person of interest, Hanni.  Not far, she stands at the enterance to the Mushroom Tree Forest.  Next you must go further south across izlude near the enterance to Payon Forest to meet the "Little Boy" again.  And he is not happy to have been found out. 


Thor has arrived and he is ready to take on his Brother.  Thor is waiting in Izlude Town


Seems the "Little Boy" is confirmed to be Loki.


Return to him and save him from his own dasterdly plans.  Finally, for now it seems that storm has calmed.  Till the next time Loki gets a mischievious plan.