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[Guide] Episode 3: Reidin Kerse


Episode 3: Reidin Kerse

Solo Dungeon


Morph into your favorite hunter and battle your way through the Hell of Deadly Poison! Use Kerse's skill with a gun to defeat familiar foes and earn new prizes!


Daily Quests

Visit Maden in Bouquet Town before you enter the dungeon. She has daily quests for all solo dungeons. The new quest, Cave of Queen Ant, requires you defeat Maya and rewards you with 84 diamonds. 



Enter the Dungeon

You can enter the dungeon by pressing "N" and clicking the "Find Dungeon" tab. Check the box for Episode 3: Reidin Kerse and begin the dungeon by pressing the bottom "Find Dungeon" button. 



Fighting as Reidin Kerse

You will fight in the dungeon as Reidin Kerse. He has a set of main skills, as well as clickable on-screen health potions, reload skill, and AoE damage skill. 



Main Skills


#1 Single Shot: Instant Cast, No Cooldown, 20m Range

Gives damage to a single target. Consumes 1 bullet. 



#2 Explosion: Instant Cast, 5 Second Cooldown, 20m Range

Gives damage to up to 5 targets and decreases their movement speed. Consumes 3 bullets.



#3 Backward Roll: Instant Cast, 5 Second Cooldown

Roll backward 12m.


Secondary Skills


Reload: 1.5 Second Cast, No Cooldown.

Reload 10 bullets. Can be applied twice, up to 20 bullets. 



Gun Fire:  Instant Cast, 10 Second Cooldown

Damage up to 20 hostile targets within 17m of the target. Consume 5 bullets.


Recovery Skills


Potion Drink (L): Recover full HP. Instant Cast, 60 Second Cooldown.



Potion Drink (S): Recover 2200 HP per second over 10 seconds.




Level 10-25: 1 Loki's Cube

Level 16-40: 2 Loki's Cube

Master Level: 3 Loki's Cube



Helpful Tips


- When you enter the dungeon, all buffs will be removed except for Elite Membership, Norn's Blessing, and Midgard's Grace. The dungeon is auto-balanced for difficulty.

- The explosion skill places a DoT on the targets and slows them. Use your Backward Roll skill to keep your distance! You don't have to face your enemy to use explosion or single shot.

- Remember to Reload!